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Title: Beta Release 0.1.54 Beta 4 *** for Unity 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4 ***
Post by: Stephan B. on June 15, 2016, 02:04:29 AM
TextMeshPro 0.1.54 Beta 4 Release Notes
Please carefully review the release notes before upgrading and always backup your project beforehand. These notes reflect the changes between release 0.1.52 Beta 3.1 and this new release. For quick reference here are the release notes for version 0.1.52 Beta 3.1 (

Real Beta Release - This release is considered Beta (for real) as the changes brought about the support for Multi Fonts & Sprites are pretty significant but more importantly rather difficult to anticipate all the different ways that users might end up using these new features in projects and via scripting. Besides finding potential bugs, the goal of this beta is to uncover potential workflow challenges, potentially missing API functionality, and help evolve best practices related to these new features including the Font Fallback system.

Upgrade Note - Since Unity's Asset Importer doesn't remove older files or can get confused at times, you have to remove the previous installation of TextMesh Pro by deleting the "TextMesh Pro" folder. This process works well as long as you didn't save any font assets, materials or any files inside the TextMesh Pro folder hierarchy. If that is the case, then be sure to backup those files first.

Important Note I - This release still includes significant changes to both TextMeshPro components. This new release will also affect previously created objects that were using sprites so as usual and despite all the testing I have done with various scenes and projects, please make sure you backup your projects before upgrading to be on the safe side.

New Features and Functionality

Improvements & Fixes

Beta 1c

Beta 2

Beta 3

Beta 4

Note (1) - I will also have a separate release of this new version for Unity 5.0 / 5.1.

Note (2) - In Unity 5.4, you will get some warnings about line ending. This is resulting from Unity modifying the shader files on import to add the following comment "// Upgrade NOTE: replaced '_Object2World' with 'unity_ObjectToWorld'" and changing the shader source code to address the shader define change they have made in 5.4.

Note (3) - When using the <sprite> tag, the InlineGraphicManager component is no longer needed and can be safely removed. The sub objects that were using the InlineGraphic component can also be removed as they will be replaced by the new TMP Sub object of the appropriate type.

Note (3.1) - As a result of changes that Unity made related to the 2D RectMask, Sprite Assets now have their own default material which uses the TMPro/Sprite shader. When creating new Sprite Assets, a default material will be automatically assigned to the Sprite Asset. However, Sprite Assets created prior to this release will be missing this default material causing them not to render. In order to address this, you will need to regenerate the Sprite Asset by selecting the sprite from which the sprite asset was created, and right-click "Create > Sprite Asset", which will set the default material correctly.

Note (4) - Due to a changes related to the handling of Masking (2D Rect Mask), when using the normal TMP objects with previously created materials, you most likely will have to reset the _ClipRect property in the Material Inspector to a value of (-10000, -10000, 10000, 10000). See

Note (5) - In Unity 5.4, you might be getting warnings about inconsistent line endings in some of the shader files. This is a result of Unity modifying those files on import due to them renaming a shader variable between Unity 5.3 and 5.4. They also add the following note to the shaders "// Upgrade NOTE: replaced '_Object2World' with 'unity_ObjectToWorld'"

Note (6) - Handling of Material Preset with Typefaces (font-weights) and Fallback has been improved. However, I still need to resolve an issue when presets are manually assigned to child submeshes.

02-16-2016 - Replaced the package by a newly exported version in Unity 5.2 due to a bug in Unity 5.3 where .bundles are stripped out of the exported package.
02-28-2016 - Release 0.1.54 Beta 1b ( includes the fixes referenced above. I am still waiting on feedback from some users on open issues. As soon as those are resolved, I'll get another update out.
03-25-2016 - Release 0.1.54 Beta 1c ( - See notes above.
04-03-2016 - Release 0.1.54 Beta 2 ( - See notes above.
04-25-2016 - Release 0.1.54 Beta 3 - See notes above.
04-28-2016 - Release 0.1.54 Beta 3a - See notes above.
05-01-2016 - Release 0.1.54 Beta 3b - See notes above.
06-15-2016 - Release 0.1.54 Beta 4 - See notes above.[/list][/list]